Image of Industry Leading Phased Array UT Machine

Phased Array UT

Dura-Bond installed an industry leading GE Inspection Technologies AUT system that utilized complex phased array technology.   We are the only pipe manufacturer that currently utilizes this technology for long seam inspection.   A phased array probe can “sweep” a weld profile with an infinite number of angles to determine which one is optimum to detect a reference standard such as 1/16” hole or N5 notch.  Once the optimum angles are determined, a scan plan is formulated to ensure 100% coverage of the weld.  The optimum angle for each probe is then fixed during testing mode.  We also incorporate phased array to detect transverse indications and standard angle beam for 4” of each around the pipe.   In addition, straight beam UT is incorporated using ¼” flat bottom hole references to check for laminar defects around the ends of the pipe as well as 2” on either side of the weld.  If a defect is discovered, a paint marking system that utilizes different colors for the indication type marks the location for manual prove up.   All of this is accomplished automatically on the same machine setting us apart from our competition.