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Polyken Tape Systems

Polyken Tape

Seal For Life offers a series of coating systems designed specifically for in-field applications on new construction pipe or reconditioning of existing pipelines. In-field or in-situ installation is economical and efficient.

When Polyken cold applied coating systems are used, a small investment in manpower and application equipment yields a big return in productivity and long-term performance. The reconditioning systems can be applied on existing operating pipelines, which means no loss of revenue and downtime. Polyken non-toxic and environmentally safe materials ensure application friendly conditions along the right-of-way (ROW).

Tape and Primer Coverage

  • Equation for Pipe Coating Requirements
    Squares** of
    coating required
    (width of coating in inches) x (area of pipe in square feet)*
    (width of coating in inches – overlap in inches) x 100
    * Area of pipe in ft² = (diameter in inches / 12) x 3.1416 x length in feet
    ** One Square = one hundred square feet = 9.29 square meters

Product Information and MSDS

Polyken Primer Information

900 Series Tape Systems Data Sheets