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Powercrete F-1 Liquid Epoxy

Powercrete F-1 is a 100% solids liquid epoxy coating with a fast cure time for efficient, user-friendly application and rapid backfill. In addition to ease of application, F-1 provides excellent long term corrosion protection for bare steel or FBE coated pipe. This high-build, two-component epoxy can easily achieve a dry film thickness (DFT) of up to 40+ mils (1 mm) in a single application. Powercrete F-1 can be applied using plural component spray equipment or by hand brush, roller or trowel. Powercrete F-1’s unique combination of handling and performance characteristics make it the ideal coating for pipes, girth welds and/or the repair & rehabilitation of existing pipelines

Dura-Bond Packages and Sells Powercrete F-1 in .5 LB, 1 LB, 2LB and 4LB Kits. Please refer to the coverage calculator to get a general idea of how many joint kits you will need for a particular project.

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