PM-301-Flat Pipeline Marker


The PM-301 Flexible Utility Marker is Cable and Pipeline Marker used as a Warning Sign to mark underground utilities such as: Fiber Optic Cable, Gas Pipelines, Petroleum Pipelines, Electric Lines, Water Lines, Sewer Lines and other buried utility Lines.  The Flexible Utility Marker can also be used as a Highway Delineator, Boundary Marker or Trail Marker.

ProMark’s Flexible Utility Marker is manufactured in the USA from high impact fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic resins.  The Marker has a three rib profile design which will flex on impact and return to its original upright position without cracking or splintering.  The Marker is designed for the fiber not to come up to the surface which eliminates fiber dust from irritating skin and eyes.  Unlike traditional fiberglass markers, the PM-301 is environmentally safe, easy to handle and is 100% recyclable.

Standard lengths are 66” and 72” and are available in all standard colors.  Custom decals can be installed on both sides of the Marker to meet customer specifications and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.  Installation tools (PM-DVR) are available and recommended for easy installation.

Top View


ProMark Model PM-301 Flexible Utility Marker is an above ground utility marker used for identifying and avoiding major costly repairs, interruption of utility services and/or injury to those around. Model PM-301 can also be used as a Highway Delineator, Boundary Marker or Trail Marker.  The PM-301 Flexible Utility Marker can be ordered with standard or custom decals, colors and lengths.


  • • Made from high impact fiberglass reinforced resins.
  • • Fiber will not cause irritation to eyes and/or skin.
  • • Three rib profile will flex on impact and return to its upright position.
  • • Can be bent a 90˚ without cracking or splintering unlike traditional      _fiberglass markers.
  • • Installation Tool (PM-DVR) is available and recommended for          _an easy installation.
  • • 100% recyclable.
  • • Decals are screen printed, not computer generated, for better outdoor _quality and durability.
  • • Reflective and non-reflective decals can be applied on both sides of_the marker.

Color Chart

OrangeTelecommunication, Fiber Optic Cables, or Conduit

YellowNatural Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum Pipelines

BlueWater Lines

RedElectric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit

GreenSewers and Drain Lines

PurpleReclaimed Water, Irrigation

PinkTemporary Survey Markings, Unknown/Unidentified Facilities

WhiteProposed Excavation Limits or Route


Marker Length– 66″ +/- .25”
Marker Width– 4” +/ – .125”
Marker Weight–  2.4 lbs. +/- .10”
Standard Decal Length– 13” – 15”
Decal Width-  2.75”  +/-  .15”
Material: Engineered Formulated Thermoplastic
(Based on a 66” Flexible Utility Marker)