PM-303 Test Station


The PM-TS3 Test Station is an enclosure that protects circuits and terminals.  ProMark’s CP Test Station is also used in telecommunications as a grounding box.  Test Stations are manufactured in the USA from high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate and have a lifetime warranty.  PM-TS3 Test Stations come standard with five stainless steel terminals and could be ordered with High-Density Polyethylene conduit/support post.  The PM-TS3 is also available with custom graphics as a Test Station Marker Post.  ProMark PM-TS3 CP Test Stations are in stock in all standard colors.

* Custom Colors are available upon request.

Accessories: Bonding Straps (shorting bars), Lug terminals, colored Banana Jack terminals, CoverGuards, Reducers, Stainless Steel Flange Brackets, Resistors, Rheostats and more…