ARO Coating

Abrasion Resistant Overlay

3M Scotchkote Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Dual Coating System 6352HF is a hard, mechanically strong top coating for all Scotchkote fusion bonded epoxy pipeline corrosion protection coatings. Scotchkote 6352HF also enhances the performance of the first layer of corrosion coating. It is applied to the base coating to form a tough outer layer that is resistant to gouge, impact, abrasion and penetration. Scotchkote 6352HF coating is specifically designed to protect the primary corrosion coating from damage during pipeline directional drilling applications, bores, river crossing and installation in rough terrain.

Dura-Bond Coating facilities also offer dual layer FBE coatings such as Valspar Pipeclad 2040. Our plants utilize a unique dual booth powder application to keep both layers separated for maximum performance