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Powercrete R-95, Powercrete F-1/R65, Powercrete J In Stock and Ready to ship

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Dura-Bond is the Northeast distributor of Powercrete R-95, manufactured by Seal For Life.  Dura-Bond is also a certified applicator and trainer for Powercrete, providing assistance and support for coatings as well as certificated training sessions.

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40 mils of Powercrete F-1 Applied to Pipe Joint

Since 1980 Powercrete® epoxies have demonstrated strength and integrity as revolutionary liquid coatings for corrosion prevention in the pipeline industry. Leading scientists and researchers have further developed the Powercrete® line in response to application demands. Today, owners and contractors choose Powercrete® because they are confident in its dependable and reliable performance.

Powercrete® provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance to protect valuable assets. Powercrete® is impervious to soil stress and is compatible with FBE and CTE line coatings. Powercrete kits make for efficient production times and superior protection on bore and line pipe girth welds and also work well as a rehabilitation coating.  Dura-Bond Coating packages and stocks 4 types of field ready 2 part Epoxy kits at its Export facility for convenient local and domestic shipping. Please contact inside sales for pricing and availability on all Powercrete 2 part epoxy kits, as well as additional products.

In-Field Training and Demonstration of Powercrete R-95

Powercrete Coverage Calculator – Excel File

Please download this Microsoft Excel file for a general idea as to how many kits you will need for a particular job. Understand that this is just general guideline for application, your situation or job might differ from the recommended guidelines on the sheet. Please use your own discretion or call for a recommended application for your particular project.