DSAW Line Pipe

Dura-Bond manufactures and coats large diameter steel line pipe at our Steelton facility located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region. Our mill produces straight seam DSAW pipe in diameters ranging from 24” to 42”, in grades up to X-80 and in lengths up to 80’. We employ the latest advancements in welding, pipe mill tracking and non destructive testing. Dura-Bond’s inspection processes meet the pipeline industry’s highest standard for steel pipe quality.

Field-Proven Straight Seam DSAW Pipe

High pressure pipeline failures often occur in the weld area. Straight Picture 131seam expanded DSAW pipe has been field-tested in the most demanding installations for over 50 years. DSAW pipe has less weld per lineal foot than spiral welded pipe, which allows fewer opportunities for failure in the field. Look to Dura-Bond when your needs demand the best.

Hydraulically Expanded Yield Stress Testingexpander

Dura-Bond Pipe utilizes a unique hydraulic expansion process. Some mills utilize a mechanical expander and most do not have any expander. With our process, the pipe is pressurized with water until the steel begins to yield. The pipe is then forced against a steel die to its final shape and diameter ensuring total uniform dimensions throughout.

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Phased Array UT Weld Testing

Our comprehensive and precise weld inspection process assures the performance quality required for certified steel pipe. Dura-Bond utilizes an industry-leading GE Inspection Technologies system with complex phased array engineering for critical weld inspections. Our Steelton facility was the first continental pipe manufacturing plant to employ this accurate ultrasonic technology, and is the continued leader for this enhanced (UT) long seam we ld inspection method. This innovative application brings a new dimension of quality assurance to pipe weld testing.

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