Powercrete Mainline Coating

POWERCRETE® is an epoxy based polymer concrete. Its main purpose is to protect the fusion bonded epoxy coating on steel pipe under severe handling conditions. The highly abrasion resistant POWERCRETE® provides a smooth surface that allows the pipeline to be pulled under the crossing in a “slick bore” operation with much less drag resistance than conventional concrete. It can also be used as a rockshield.

POWERCRETE® is sprayed onto the pipe and results in a hard, smooth surface. Each spray pass results in a thickness of about 0.030″ (0.762 mm). Depending on the pipe diameter, multiple passes may be applied in order to build up to the desired thickness

Dura-Bond Coating is able to apply by plural component system Powercrete Tan as an abrasion resistant overlay to FBE coating and Powercrete R-95 for bare steel applications.