ERW Line Pipe

Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport manufactures ERW pipe from 8 5/8″ to 20″.  This plant employs advanced electric resistance welding (ERW) technology to produce  API and ASTM certified steel pipe.  Hot rolled steel coil is continuously formed and welded while a traveling cutoff saw slices pipe lengths.

Capable of producing pipe sections up to 80′ along with grades up to and including X70, Dura-Bond is a premier supplier of ERW pipe in the Northeast.  Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport is accessible by major highway and rail connections making logistical coordination easy.

Investments into mill upgrades have propelled Dura-Bond’s manufacturing and quality procedure to top echelon levels. Continued success of pipemaking operations are facilitated by employee and quality manager commitments.

Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport is located 5 miles from Duquesne making coating and yard storage services easy and convenient.  Look to Dura-Bond when your needs demand the best.

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