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Dura-Bond Industries is hiring for the following positions.

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General Laborer

Dura-Bond Industries

Export, PA

$18.50-20.00 an hour

  • Full-time
  • Health insurance / Dental Insurance (after training period)
  • Paid Time Off (after training period)
Industrial Electrician

Dura-Bond Industries

McKeesport, PA

25.30–30.50 an hour

  • Full-time
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
Millwright Mechanic

Dura-Bond Industries

McKeesport, PA

25.30–30.50 an hour

  • Full-time
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance

Dura-Bond Industries

McKeesport, PA

25–32 an hour

  • Full-time
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid time off
Machine Operator

Dura-Bond Pipe LLC

McKeesport, PA


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid time off
Dura-Bond Pipe Office Manager

Dura-Bond Pipe

McKeesport, PA

  • Full-time
  • Paid time off



McKeesport ERW Pipe Mill Upgrades

Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport has made numerous investments into it’s pipe making operations.  The new seam annealing and Phased Array UT equipment has been installed and commissioned in September of 2019.

PWHT (post weld heat treating) of ERW pipe is now  facilitated by four 500 kW Seam Annealers manufactured by Thermatool.  Precise and uniform heating of the weld seam coupled with patented Seam-Scan™ technology ensures quality and consistent results.  PLC controls in conjunction with an infra-red camera allow the inductors to pivot +-15 DEG from top dead center of the weld to accurately track the weld seam.


20 IN Coil is Annealed at McKeesport
Thermatool annealers combine a multitude of controlability and product interfaces to provide a consistent post heat weld treament.  Operaters have a number of precise reports and information readily displayed on the control console.



Seam Scan Tracks the HFW Centerline
Seam-Scan monitors the scarfed ERW Weld before entering the first annealer.  Utilizing an infra-red camera, Thermatool software is able to trace
the centerline of the weld prompting the seam annealers to move laterally maintaining the centerline of the weld.  This ensures a consistent, even postheat.



Smart Annealer Screen
Smart Anneal allows the operator complete control of all four annealing stands.  Output control is adjusted using one central interface and adjusts to meet changing mill speeds.  Using Closed Loop Temperature Control Systems, this automatically adjusts power to each annealer to maintain heating duing each stage.



Seam Annealer Control Stand and Line


Phased Array UT


Following the tremendous advancements Phased Array UT weld inspection brought to Steetlon, Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport followed suit with an Olympus system comissioned in September of 2019.

UT Weld Inspection on ERW pipe end
The Olympus AUT system utilizes phased array technology to inspect the weld area and ends of our ERW pipe. For the end inspection, a linear phased array probe is positioned parallel to the pipe axis and will inspect while rotating, covering the radial surface area of each end entirely. For the weld area inspection, curved phased array probes are used to inspect the weld seam for linear defects.
UT Line Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport
For weld tracking, a very unique method is utilized. A linear phased array probe (0 degree) is used to perform a dimensional scan of the weld area, and will center the on the deviation in wall thickness (created by the ID scarfing tool during the welding process), thus producing an extremely accurate and precise inspection. In addition to weld tracking, this particular probe will also inspect the heat-affected-zone for laminar defects.



UT Control Booth Pulpit Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport

Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport Pipeline and Gas Journal Article

September 2018, Vol. 245, No. 9


Dura-Bond Opens Pennsylvania ERW Steel Pipe Mill


The new Dura-Bond ERW steel pipe mill in McKeesport, Penn., sits on the original site of National Tube Works, which began production in 1872. After United States Steel acquired National Tube in 1901, the company continued to expand, and McKeesport became known as “The Tube City.”  At one time, more pipe was produced in the city, than anywhere else in the world. In 1964 the ERW mill was built by U.S. Steel.

In 2013, U.S. Steel Tubular made massive investments in the plant to improve reliability, capability and quality. The mill’s entry area was renovated, and a modern drive installed. U.S. Steel also rewired the entire facility and added a programmable logic controller (PLC) system. The plant’s mill drives were upgraded in 2013 with AC motors, increasing power and improving dependability. A new edge miller was installed, and the shear upgraded. U.S. Steel also rebuilt the hydro-tester and added new tooling to accommodate all pipe within the plant’s outside diameter (OD) range.

“The addition of the McKeesport ERW pipe mill to the Dura-Bond family strengthens our position as a critical American manufacturer in the line pipe industry. Our range of steel pipe and pipe coatings now meet the requirements of most pipeline projects in North America,” according to Jason Norris, president, Dura-Bond Industries.

Today, this 317,000-square-foot plant employs advanced high-frequency electric resistance welding (HFW) technology and produces API 5L line pipe and ASTM certified steel pipe. Dura-Bond has made improvements that incorporate new technology with the plant’s existing functionality. These improvements can be found throughout the facility, from improved coil trimming capabilities to the PLC-controlled OD pipe stenciller.

Dura-Bond’s inline UT non-destructive testing inspects weld integrity.

Dura-Bond has also installed two leading-edge ultrasonic inspection systems that provide inline monitoring of the seam weld. A new pipe tracking system works in conjunction with sophisticated MTR tracking and tracing software to offer continuous monitoring of product. Additionally, the facility’s logistics capabilities have been updated to improve accessibility to major highway and rail connections.

The refurbished plant is now fully operational and has recently been awarded an API 5L Certification to manufacture ERW pipe in diameters from 8 5/8-inch through 20-inch, with lengths up to 80-foot. API-certified pipe must meet rigid quality guidelines as outlined in API Q1. The McKeesport facility’s quality system has been successfully audited and certified as API compliant. The quality of all ERW pipe is fully documented, and each pipe carries the API logo as infield verification.

The McKeesport pipe mill is strategically located near the company’s Duquesne, Penn., pipe coating facility. This high-capacity coating plant was built in 2012 to match the application of fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) and abrasion resistant (ARO) pipe coatings to McKeesport’s steel pipe output. The company recently expanded the coating plant’s capability to economically load and shuttle trucks between the two mills. The company also controls all rail track within the manufacturing complex and monitors onsite logistics of pipe-carrying railcars. Both plant locations offer access to major highways, three railroads and barge transport.

Dura-Bond began coating fabricated steel and pipe in 1960 and has grown into one of North America’s leading line pipe producers and plant-applied pipe coating applicators. The company also maintains an advanced protective coating operation at its longitudinal submerged arc weld (LSAW) pipe manufacturing facility in Steelton, Penn., where it produces large OD line pipe from 24 to 42 inches in diameter.

The ERW pipe is produced by continuously forming flat steel and welding the longitudinal seam using high-frequency electric resistance welding. The process begins with flat steel passing through a series of forming rolls that transform it into a round pipe section. A high-frequency welder heats the edges of the rolled strip and pressure rollers then squeeze the heated edges together to form a fusion weld. The weld is inspected by an ultrasonic non-destructive unit to assure precise adherence to API and ASTM specifications.

The weld seam is then normalized by heating it to 1,700ºF to remove welding stresses and produce a uniform grain structure. Next, it is cooled and passes through the sizing mill. As the continuous length of pipe moves toward the mill’s exit, a flying cut-off slices length of pipe to prescribed sizes without interrupting the production flow. Each pipe undergoes hydrostatic testing to ensure rated strength and weld integrity under pressure. The weld is ultrasonically inspected again, and the pipe body is fully examined by automated equipment.

Dura-Bond was founded in 1960 by J.M. Norris to provide corrosion protection services for manufacturers of steel products at the customers’ facilities. In 1965, Dura-Bond established its headquarters and first plant-applied coating facility in the historic Western Pennsylvania town of Export. Today, four Dura-Bond manufacturing facilities are in Pennsylvania’s energy-rich Marcellus-Utica Shale Region, and the company’s products are used in construction projects throughout North America.

The company manufactures API steel line pipe for use in critical projects such as the Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Trans Canada Leach X-Press and the Williams Constitution Pipeline. Dura-Bond provided 550 miles of 36- and 42-inch steel pipe for the Dominion Project. This signature pipeline will encourage increased drilling and the buildout of adjacent midstream pipelines in smaller diameters up to 20 inches.

Each plant complements the others by allowing the company to serve a wide range of customer-specific requirements for steel pipe, protective pipe coatings and fabricated steel products, with each facility using distinct manufacturing processes.

Dura-Bond has a threefold approach that guides its manufacturing processes – SQP: safety, quality, productivity. Quality is critical to maintaining and expanding any company, and the company invests in mill upgrades and maintenance to remain ahead of increasing quality standards.

The Dura-Bond team understands that customer loyalty and trust need to be earned each day and with each project.  The pipeline industry operates and maintains critical infrastructure across North America and product integrity and quality are not just appreciated, they are required. Dura-Bond makes it easy for customers to do business by providing solutions to issues and concerns before they become problems.

“The Dura-Bond team of professionals is dedicated to building a tradition of pipe manufacturing excellence.  Talented individuals throughout the company, from mill operations to front office sales, are committed to maintaining Dura-Bond’s reputation as a quality American pipe supplier and plant-applied coater. Our successful customer relationships are built on this tradition,” said Adam Norris, of the Line Pipe and Coating Division.

Dura-Bond continues to be owned and managed by the third generation of the Norris family. The company maintains the founder’s community-first practice of acquiring shuttered pipe manufacturing mills and reinvigorating Pennsylvania neighborhoods by providing job opportunities; the company currently employs about 500 at its Pennsylvania facilities. P&GJ

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Feature


Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, which has proposed a 550-mile natural gas pipeline to bring much-needed energy to Virginia and North Carolina, today announced an agreement totaling more than $400 million with Dura-Bond Industries to produce steel pipe for the project.

Dura-Bond, which ACP LLC selected after an extensive bidding process, is scheduled to produce the pipe at its Steelton, Pa., mill beginning late 2015 through March 2017. Dura-Bond plans to hire about 150 employees at the mill to run a second shift of union workforce to meet the schedule.

“We are excited to work with Dura-Bond, one of the nation’s premier suppliers of gas transmission pipeline,” said Diane Leopold, president of Dominion Energy. “Dura-Bond has an outstanding reputation in the industry and has been a long-term supplier of pipe and pipe coating for Dominion’s gas transmission business, dating back to the 1970s.



About Us

About UsOldSchool1

Dura-Bond Industries was founded in 1960 by J.M. Norris to provide corrosion protection services for manufacturers of steel products at the customers’ facilities. In 1965 Dura-Bond established its headquarters and first coating plant in the historic Western Pennsylvania town of Export.


Dura-Bond added to its reputation for quality and service by providing protective coatings for the fabricated steel and internal linings of underground storage tanks. During this time, the company also developed a close working relationship with Bethlehem Steel. Dura-Bond built on this business by opening satellite facilities in Buffalo, NY and Jacksonville, FL. Throughout the 70s, the success of these two operations led to new acquisitions of a plant in High Point, NC and the property of the former McKeesport Coatings near Export.


Pipeline commodity products and tubular products divisions soon became important contributors to Dura-Bond’s growth. The company also began production of bridge and marine fabrication projects in North Carolina, leading to the creation of Dura-Bond Steel. Late in the 80s, Dura-Bond localized its area of operation by selling its North Carolina plant and acquiring a coating facility in Allentown, PA.

FBEsteeltonThe 90s started with important expansion projects for Dura-Bond. The company opened a state-of-the-art fusion bond epoxy (FBE) coating facility in McKeesport, PA that was strategically located near U.S. Steel’s Camp Hill ERW pipe manufacturing operation. The McKeesport coating plant established Dura-Bond as a regional leader in the protective coating market. During this period, the company also began management of an FBE coating plant adjacent to Bethlehem Steel’s pipe manufacturing operation in Steelton, PA. Extrusion (X-Tec) coating followed in 1996 at McKeesport and soon all Dura-Bond facilities were able to coat, fabricate and furnish products to the oil and gas, heavy highway and marine industries.AROmckeesport

The year 2003 marked another turning point for Dura-Bond as Bethlehem Steel abandoned its Steelton facility. In a bold move, Dura-Bond purchased the Bethlehem Steel plant and resumed pipe making operations at the Steelton plant. This unique mill manufactures dual submerged arc weld (DSAW) straight seam pipe utilizing a UOE forming process. The Dura-Bond pipe mill produces straight seam pipe ranging from 24″ to 42″ in diameter with ID and OD coating facilities on-site.

Dura-Bond Industries today controls four wholly-owned companies. Dura-Bond Steel, Inc. is headquartered in Export, PA where it fabricates structural steel for the marine and heavy highway markets. The company also offers protective specialty coatings for steel products. Dura-Bond Pipe, LLC is located in Steelton, PA and manufactures steel line pipe in sizes ranging from 24” to 42”. This company also provides internal and external epoxy coating and double jointing.  Dura Bond Pipe McKeesport LLC manufactures ERW Steel Line Pipe from 8-5/8″ to 20″.  Dura-Bond Coating, Inc. is based in Duquense, PA where its facility applies fusion bond epoxy to steel pipe 4” to 36” in diameter and extruded polyethylene coatings to pipe 1” through 20” in diameter. Dura-Bond Coating also offers ARO plant-applied coatings and a complete line of pipeline products.

Dura-Bond Pipe maintains API 5L licences for steel pipe manufacturing, holds AISC Level II certification for steel fabrication and is SSPC certified for the application of protective coatings to steel products. The company maintains active membership and leadership positions in the National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators and the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors.

Through the years, Dura-Bond has invested heavily in its facilities to add innovative new processes and enhance proven techniques and equipment. These investments provide our customers with the high degree of quality and services they have come to expect from our company.

Dura-Bond is a successful business built upon the proud accomplishments of Norris family members past and present and the entire Dura-Bond team. Our family and our company are optimistic that a bright future will continue to grow from this solid foundation.

Key Acquisitions:

  • 1980 – Acquired facility in Greensboro, NC

  • 1982 – Acquired 10.7 miles of track from Conrail and created a short-line railroad named Turtle Creek Industrial Railroad

  • 1983 – Acquired pipe coating mill in McKeesport, PA and formed Dura-Bond Coating, Inc

  • 1985 – Opened office in Jacksonville, FL and acquired steel fabricating plant. Formed Dura-Bond Steel Corp

  • 1993 – Acquired pipe coating facility in Steelton, PA

  • 2003 – Acquired pipe manufacturing plant in Steelton, PA formerly owned by Bethlehem Steel Corp. This facility is operated as Dura-Bond Pipe. LLC

  • 2013 – Opened Dura-Bond Coating in Duquesne, PA able to apply Fusion Bond and ARO with large storage capability with Barge, Rail, and Truck receiving / shipping.
  • 2016 – Acquired former USS McKeesport Tubular operations in McKeesport, PA  manufacturing ERW pipe 4-20 inches.

Four Marcellus Shale Pipeline Facilities

Four Facilities located within the heart of  Marcellus Shale gas country to better serve pipeline infrastructure and manufacturing.

Dura Bond Industries Corporate Headquarters

5790 Kennedy Avenue

EXPORT, PA 15632


Plant Capabilities dbi
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Custom Shapes Coating
  • ID Lining
  • Powercrete Mainline Coatings
  • Pipeline Products

Dura-Bond Coating Duquesne




 Plant Capabilitiesduquesne-overhead
  • FBE/ARO Manufactured Coating Applicator
  • Barge / Rail Car / Truck Receivable
  • Coated Pipe Storage


Dura-Bond Pipe Steelton




Plant Capabilitiesdbpipe
  • DSAW Pipe Manufacturer (24″-42″)
  • Ultrasonic Weld Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Expansion Process
  • Industry Leader in Large Diameter Pipemaking


Dura-Bond Pipe McKeesport




Plant Capabilities
  • ERW Pipe Manufacturer 8″-20″ IN